Maggie Morrow Lyrics
Interesting Lyrics from Maggie Morrow

Ghostly house adjustment
How will this life, connect to my old? I wondered for years, maybe it doesn’t connect, it probably doesn’t. And maybe I will learn! To enjoy a whole new community. Harsh weather, even harsh people-not even my type! How can this life! Be rudely interrupted, by a terrible ghost? Who haunts our dear home! GHOSTLY HOUSE ADJUSTMENT! How can you tell if there’s a GHOSTLY HOUSE ADJUSTMENT?! How can you tell? How can you tell? How can you tell? How can you tell? REPEAT THIS

Giddy up! Giddy up! North!
Cluck, Cluck, Neigh! Giddy up girl! Oh yeah! Come on girl; let’s ride on North! I’m in my cowboy gear! Giddy up hon! Lets go North! On our way to Washington! We’ll go fast yeah, Obey me. Giddy Up! Giddy up! North! You can’t tell when I am sad. You just Giddy up! Giddy up North! Giddy up North! Try and go my pretty horse. Neigh! Neigh! That’s right girl! Giddy up! Giddy up North! REPEAT THIS

My dog
GRRRRRRRRRRRR…. I can’t concentrate! Thinkin’ ‘bout my dog! She’s at home, all alone no one to accompany her. Flip my pencil back and forth, tap my foot and chew my pen. “Chrissy?” asks the teacher. “Can you tell me the capitol of England?” I ignored her, not meaning to! “Chrissy!” she yelped. “Yeah?” I answered. Teacher looks disapproving. But I wasn’t meanin’ to! Just thinkin’ bout my dog! REPEAT THIS

A soft, cracking noise…I don’t know! What that was! Scared me…to death. Freaked…me out! It was hot! It was reddish/orange. Can you guess? It BURNS YOU! Firecracker! Firecracker! Scared me to…de-eath. Dedededeath! Wanted to make me freak! Is that the point? Across my living room, around my dining room! Everywhere a firecracker! YEAH! REPEAT THIS

Adventure Time
Puff! Puff! Help! Thanks. Here! Have a cup of hot cocoa!!!!!! Thanks a lot Mr. Mr. Dude! Now be on your way…way…way…way…way…way! Try to catch a glimpse of me, on your way gone. Be on your way! Be on your way! A new adventure awaits you! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! REPEAT THIS You help me on your way! Please…

Why me?
I was hopin’ not! But I just got, The worst teacher, I don’t prefer, But how does it happen? Ain’t come outa my napkin! Outa all the classes! I got the one with glasses! Oh how I was mad! That huge, old, fat lad! Help me dear Mommy! Or baby brother Tommy! I need some help! Mom! No need no kelp! That teacher hates me! When I got stung by a bee! I cried…! I cried…! I tried to run and hide…! hide…! hide…! But she grabbed me! That old Ms. Ree! Let go of me! Oh Mommy dear help me! Didn’t think this would go to well, it’s just like goin to dirty old hell! And then she chases, the one with braces! Me! Say what? I bumped into a nut! It tasted good…good…good… REPEAT THIS

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