Are you an Automobile fan?

Gas is Money
Two years ago, when the price of gasoline hit $3.00, there was a great deal of sound and fury by the politicians about energy independence. But absolutely nothing was done. Not one thing.

Gas Talks
Honda stock is inexpensive, but the company is gaining market share because of its reputation for reliability and quality.

The Bright Side
It's hard to find the bright side of high gas prices!

Fair Gas Prices Again
How we can get gas prices back down to $1.30 per gallon.

Ford Raptor
The best off-road truck ever made is developed by Ford's Special Vehicle Team.

Are you out of Gas?
Read here if you are out of gas!

Price Of Gas
The Price Of Gas Versus Printer Ink.

Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang - an American Evolution. Fancy yourself owning this latest and greatest iteration of an American icon.

Big Wheels Keep on Turning
Oregon auto icons deal with decelerating sales. - Go back to 2008.

Fuel Economy Calculator
Calculate your total gas cost per year based on Miles per Gallon (MPG), Gas price, and how many miles you drive.

Auto Loan Calculator
Are you thinking about financing your new car or truck? Find out what your monthly auto loan payments will be!

Window Sticker lookup
Use the VIN number to see the Window Sticker

Automobile Manufacturers
List of all Automobile Manufacturers with link to all their information

Calculate Tire Diameter
What does the numbers on the tires mean and how to you calculate tire diameter?

Track Ford Factory Car Orders
Use this information to track a Ford car or truck that your ordered.

Illuzion Ford Raptor SVT Clear Body, SLH 4x4, SC10
Get ready, JConcepts has reached new ground with the Short Course version of the popular Ford Raptor SVT body for competition Short Course racing. JConcepts has hung the acronym SCT-R on the new body with the R giving it racing credibility. Officially licensed by JConcepts, the Ford Raptor SVT body is inspired from the ground up as an all-out SCT race body.

The Raptor SVT F-150 body by JConcepts begins with the latest in 1:1 truck detail by incorporating the latest treatment in grill and headlight design, adding street appeal. Front and rear fender flares provide the clearance necessary to run an assortment of tires and wheels while maintaining that exclusive design and look.

Extended cab design with recessed side windows, louvers along the front hood highlight a number of the front-end styling cues. Deep recessed trim-out locations along the hood and bed area provide ample space for air relief cut-outs which reduce the parachute / blow-over affect that is so common in Short Course racing. Short course inspired bed area with incredible detail finish off this extraordinary, tough design.

Maintaining that exclusive performance and feel is critical to a vehicles performance, JConcepts is world proven innovation and design.

Family Car Window Stickers

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